Our Core Services

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Web and Mobile App Development

Elevate your brand across platforms with Pmtech's integrated Web & Mobile Development Solutions. Crafted for seamless experiences, our expertise spans responsive websites and cutting-edge native mobile apps for iOS and Android. Thrive in the digital realm with Pmtech's unified solutions, where innovation meets functionality.

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Design & Architecture

Pmtech offers meticulous software design and architecture services, laying the foundation for robust and scalable solutions. Our team combines creativity with technical expertise to craft software blueprints that not only meet your current requirements but also evolve with your future needs, ensuring longevity and adaptability.

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Third Party APIs Integration

Unlock seamless integration with Pmtech's API expertise. Enhance functionality, streamline processes, and boost efficiency by connecting your software with popular tools. Our team ensures secure, efficient integrations tailored to your business goals.

We are specialized in all software domains and integrations

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Jimpisoft Rentway Fleet Management Software

If you use Jimpisoft Software for Fleet Management and require a bespoke website seamlessly integrated with their system for your car rental services, you have come to the right destination. Our expertise lies in connecting and synchronizing all pertinent information within the Jimpisoft platform with your website, ensuring optimal integration and a seamless user experience.

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Payments for Online Stores

Should your website or mobile application necessitate seamless online payment functionality, allow us to effortlessly address this requirement. Our proficiency lies in integrating online payment services, such as the exemplary Stripe platform, into your software system. Additionally, we specialize in facilitating Apple and Android in-app purchases, ensuring strict adherence to all App Store guidelines for a compliant and optimal user experience.

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Support 24/7

When you possess software developed by PMTech, rest assured that you benefit from the finest customer service in the market. Our commitment includes a guaranteed 24/7 support system, alleviating concerns about complexities or unforeseen issues. Your primary focus can remain on your business needs, as we diligently take care of any challenges that may arise.

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Servers, Domains and Email Management

Post building your software we provide the service on where we take care of the domain registration and ensure the best servers are used for your needs. Also we offer professional emails so your business can be more professional looking

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